ISHRA’s dedicated team offer a wide range of consulting services to work in partnership with decision makers and support their efforts for sustainable commercial success.

We work with trusted strategic colleagues to access a global network that enable clients to build long-term relationships throughout the international community in both the public and private sectors.

ISHRA deliver consultancy services at all stages of the business lifecycle for top tier corporations, SME’s and high net worth individuals. We tackle the key issues that help our clients create a positive impact in the communities they serve and the marketplaces in which they operate.


With an extensive network of strategic partners, our ability to build enduring relationships, channels-to-market and project opportunities drive forward deal flow, sales and revenues.

Unique insights, informed knowledge and far-reaching networks create value as we lead and reassure clients who venture into new commercial environments.

Our ability to identify and connect clients with strategic partners gives a secure platform for launching operations in global markets.

  • Targeted networking – identifying and connecting the right people
  • Stakeholder engagement – raising profile and awareness for strategic positioning
  • Building relationships – bridging gaps in the client-partner DNA
  • Account management – supporting the process for successful delivery
  • Transactional support – ensuring the right deal is done and expectations fulfilled


With our clear and innovative thinking, we deliver consulting services to corporations and private clients worldwide.

Our proactive approach is able to deliver unconventional solutions with measurable results for project success.

We work hand-in-hand with our clients to formulate effective strategies that define and realize client goals and objectives.

  • Market mapping – assessing readiness for local and international markets
  • Commercial planning – creation of viable business models and structures
  • Risk assessment – understanding markets, channels and possible barriers to entry
  • Solutions awareness – understanding market regulations and barriers to entry
  • Strategic realisation – implementing strategic priorities effectively


We are well versed in giving support to clients seeking business opportunities, raising capital for operational growth or expanding via merger and acquisition in local and foreign markets.

Consideration is given to the full investment life cycle for a long-term perspective – from initial research to a planned exit.

Choosing the right path requires effective strategic alliances based on relationships of trust.

  • Value creation – identifying and developing investment portfolios
  • Partner matching – identifying potential acquirers or investors
  • Commercial planning – asset valuation and negotiation
  • Financial support – raising capital and finance solutions
  • Professional advice – structured support throughout the M&A process


The ISHRA team of sector specialists supports their clients by sharing their expertise, offering new perspectives and generating deal flow.

Our ability to quickly understand our clients’ needs is a valued commodity as we monitor and respond to opportunities in dynamic commercial environments:

  • Property

    Support at each stage of development; land registry and zoning through marketing and finance for new build and existing residential and commercial properties.

  • Technology

    Enable the capture of markets and clients with innovative and proven technologies in mobile, software, cyber, social media and e-commerce.

  • Energy

    Deal brokerage for renewables and traditional energy projects as well as oil and gas trading in both developed and emerging markets.

  • Security

    Gain access to public and private sectors striving to protect their critical assets; safe city programs, border control, cyber security and industrial systems.

  • Agriculture

    Promote sought after food security solutions; advanced irrigation, wastewater technologies, disease resistance and high yield farming.

  • Natural Resources

    Navigate complex geopolitical scenarios in the acquisition and tender process for mining and natural resource concessions in emerging markets.


ISHRA’s dedicated team offers a wide range of client services in the field of international trade and investment, providing decision makers with the tools and support they need for commercial and sustained success.

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Our dedicated team works in close partnership with our clients at all levels and we strive to provide a responsive and supportive client service.

For general enquiries, please contact us below.

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