Ziv Elul

Ziv Elul - Head of Real Estate

Ziv joined ISHRA in 2010 and leads domestic real estate activity. With experience at a renowned national real estate group, he develops in-house projects and provides consultancy to many of Israel’s leading players.

Ziv handles the full scope of services for buying groups and ‘Pinui+Binui’ regeneration projects including operations, project management, licensing and resident services.

He manages residential and commercial projects, shopping malls and the development of agricultural land for commercial purposes. Turnkey solutions include sourcing projects, finding buyers and delivering creative finance solutions from seed investment to project financing from private equity placement, investors and international financing bodies. Operationally he deals with land registry and zoning, working with local committees, municipal and governmental departments and in-depth legal support – from purchase to sale.

Ziv served in the IDF as a recruiting officer and is currently completing a Law degree at the Peres Academic Center.