Website accessibility statement

We have done everything we can to make accessible to as wide an audience as possible, so that people of all disabilities can use it. We strive to comply as much as possible with the website accessibility law and the rules of the Israeli Center for Website Accessibility, which detail how websites are made accessible to people with disabilities. We hope that compliance with the law and rules will make our website user-friendly, but unfortunately there may be areas and parts that have not been addressed. At the same time, we are constantly trying to improve on the subject and looking for new solutions that will allow us to make more parts accessible at the same level. Therefore, in view of the dynamic nature of the website, there may be small glitches from time to time when we update it.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions related to the accessibility of the site, our accessibility representative will be happy to hear them. By or thanks to your feedback we can improve.

The accessibility options available on the site:
Enable keyboard navigation: Adjust for keyboard navigation
Blocking moving features and flashing: Stopping moving elements and blocking flashing
Adaptation of the website for a screen reader: adaptation of the website for assistive technologies
Increasing the mouse cursor and changing its color to white/black
Contrast adjustment: change color contrast based on dark or light background
Adaptation of a site for the color blind
Changing the font to a more readable state
Increasing the website font to different sizes
Enlarge the display
Emphasis of links on the site
Emphasis of titles on the site
Display an alternative ALT description on the image
Sending accessibility feedback
Accessibility statement

If while browsing the site you encounter any problem related to accessibility, the site’s accessibility team will be happy to assist you, for inquiries about accessibility issues, you can contact us by phone and on the contact form on the site.
Ways of addressing requests, accessibility problems and suggestions for improvement
Details of the accessibility coordinator in the organization (Shelly, [email protected]).

The accessibility statement was last updated on 12/28/2022.